Update 5/3/20

Update 5/3/20

We thought we'd try and update everyone again as to where we are regarding the start of our 2020 race season. Our Bumper To Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint Series would have completed 5 events so far, and will lose another May 9 due to Wisconsin's most recent government order.

We are however, holding out hope for our May 15th race at the Jackson Motorplex. Despite the MN Governor recently extending the current order til May 18th, Jackson track owner Tod Quiring and GM Doug Johnson have been hard at work preparing a plan that has been submitted to the Governor's office. It's a good plan that would provide a safe environment for those attending. IRA appreciates their effort, and Jackson officials sent us a positive email last night, so we all will remain hopeful that we will be racing that weekend, and we should receive an answer sometime this week. We certainly hope so....

While racing in WI with crowds our track partners need to succeed, not to mention the current government order which takes us to May 26th, May racing in Wisconsin, for now, is unlikely. We don't want to prematurely cancel anything, but we, like every dirt racing sanction are searching for alternative locations, and we have sent proposals to a few tracks in other states. As for our schedule moving forward, while it may just begin as is, we believe that there will be changes due to permitted crowd sizes in various states that will certainly cause other series and tracks to reevaluate their originally released schedules too. So we just want our teams to know that we are paying attention and will make adjustments as needed to our schedule. We'll be ready to go whenever we get the green light in WI, worse case, even if pushed back to July on our home turf, we'll still have atleast a 20 race schedule which doesn't even include pushing anything into October, which is certainly an option too. With the uncertainty of late May, we already have make-up dates in place (need be) for our co-sanctions with the All Stars including the Rayce Rudeen Foundation $26k to win event.

Non-spectator events are going on in some states for now, but that business plan in our world is short term. And while the recent South Dakota race was a success as some others have and will be, not all upcoming PPV events are what meets the eye, as sponsor commitments are driving some, over-riding event profitability.

I welcome any calls with questions regarding 2020, and will update and explain what the current lay of the land is. Also, we have tires in stock, and several cases of what we hope aren't 2020 "collectors edition" apparel. Feel free to call, text, or email (815-260-2558, with any questions or tire needs. Also, our 2020 rulebook has been posted for awhile now, and was written before knowing the unexpected duration of the Covid-19 crisis, and after our annual preseason meeting was forced to cancel, so we went forward with our rulebook which includes a format change (dashes) and some other language changes, though no changes with car construction. With trying to simply put a schedule together now, teams need to know we may have to do a few non-typical things just to get our season underway as we're all gonna be forced to figure things out on the run and be flexible initially. Everyday is different right now, definitely a changing landscape, so feel free to call and we'll try and explain where we are, as 2020 is going to be different. We had alot of great things in place, and still do!

As for our AutoMeter Wisconsin wingLESS Sprints, and IRA Lightning Sprints.... based on the states we compete in, we're at the mercy of our governors. Our home track at Wilmot will be ready to go as soon as we get the green light, and we're "hoping" we'll be allowed to have full practice(s) towards the end of the month. I also would expect some schedule changes in both divisions, and Lightning teams we'll be working with Mike Neau once we know our options. WingLESS teams, because of your strength in numbers, we are looking for something out of state for you too, just to find you a race, knowing enough of you would probably go just because you want to race. Not sure if that will happen, but have feelers out there. We'll look at pulling a meeting together at Wilmot, and spread you out in the bleachers later this month when we're allowed a small gathering to share some cool ideas we believe will be popular with the group, that we're definitely "gonna" try at Wilmot this year.
We're all in this together, and teams need to know there will be some things that are going to be different initially. It's the world we're forced to live in now. We can't wait to see everyone at the track. Hope you and your loved ones are healthy, and that you are working and financially well. Thank You

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